ADA Accessibility

From ramps and parking spaces to truncated domes, we do all concrete ADA.

ADA Services:

- ADA Compliance Upgrades

- ADA Ramps / Handicap Ramps / Curb Ramps

- ADA Sidewalk

- ADA Truncated Domes / Detectable Warnings

- ADA Parking Stalls

- ADA Walkway / Path of Travel

- ADA Handrail / Railing

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The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal Civil Rights law passed in 1990 that helps prohibit discrimination based on disability. Part of that law sets specific regulations for parking lots and buildings to make sure that all people have equal access, regardless of whether that person is blind, uses a wheelchair for mobility, etc States can add additional laws on top of the national one to extend equal protections even more.

Some examples of these specs include: detectable warnings are required before a pedestrian crosses a lane of vehicle traffic, handicap parking spaces and the ‘path of travel’ from the parking stall to the building entryway must be under a certain slope (to ensure they are relatively flat and not a steep grade), and more.

Concrete is the perfect building material to use for A.D.A. compliance because it’s very easy to control the exact slope and shape. Hot Mix Asphalt, on the other hand, is much harder to pave to fine specifications and often requires costly upkeep to maintain compliance.