San Diego Driveway



This homeowner wanted to completely revamp his driveway, and we definitely delivered. The bands and aggregate finish gave it a polished, distinctive look that floored the client.


Project Type




Completion Date

5 Days

Project Size

20,000 SF

Contract Value



The project site beforehand consisted of a narrow concrete driveway surrounded by a dirt and grass yard.

We removed the existing materials to the required depth. The old concrete was recycled to be used for new base material, and the soil and vegetation were taken to a green recycling facility. Vegetation is also cleared to prevent it from growing back up through the new driveway.

Before photo from left side
Before photo from right side

Now that we had a blank slate to work with, we set the forms. That's the wooden "mold" that the concrete is poured into. The reason there are more frames than just the outside perimeter is because we did regular concrete bands outside and then an aggregate finish in the interior.

You'll also notice the metal rods - that's steel rebar, which helps gives the finished driveway additional strength and last much longer.

Forms and rebar

The first pour was the regular gray concrete bands. It's starting to really take shape now - you can start to tell what the final product will look like. We were a big fan of this configuration; more decorative than all gray concrete, but still pretty simple.

Concrete bands

And lastly, the final pour is the interior concrete with the exposed aggregate finish. The different finishes give the driveway some contrast and great curb appeal. The completed project is barricaded for safety and to protect the work until it's fully cured.

In addition to the driveway, we also installed a new concrete porch and walkway to the front door.